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KiKo wie Kirsten Kohrt, Ki wie die Energie des Universums, auch Chi oder Prana genannt. Meine Kunst ist hochschwingend und vielseitig. Mein Stil ist die Freiheit der Vielfalt. Meine Kunst ist unschubladisierbar. Überzeugen Sie sich bitte selbst. Hereinspaziert in den unkonventionellen KiKo-Farbkosmos. Lassen Sie sich ein, nehmen Sie sich Zeit und am besten erleben Sie meine Kunst direkt und hautnah. Es gibt so vieles zu entdecken, was sich dem Betrachter oft erst beim mehrmaligen Hinschauen offenbart. 


-   SEGNALATI London 06.-10.12.2022 

-   Barcelona Art Bienale  European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM Museum) 18. -        20.11.2022 

-   2022 Art exhibition "Imageries" Centro Artistico Culturale Il Leone Rome 18.-24.11.2022 Curator Monica Ferrarini 

-   2022 Rosso Cinabro Gallery Rome Art Week  Curator Cristina Madini

-   2022 Carrousel du Louvre Paris "Art Shopping Exhibition" 21.- 23.10.2022 Curator Salvatore Russo - Mentioned in the "ART INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY MAGAZIN" 4/2022 directed by Salvatore Russo and catalogue  "International Prize PARIS"  La tua Arte al  Louvre 

    Efetto Arte

-   2022 Gangemi Editore SpA "Capsule Art Collection. Approfondimenti contemporanei"  Monica Ferrarini 

-   2022 International Exhibition of Contemporary Art  Galleria Il Leone Dislivello Rome "Staring at  the sun"  and "Staring at the sun II" Curator Rosi Raneri 

-   2022 International Prize CARAVAGGIO Great Master of Art curated by Salvatore Russo &          Francesco Saverio Russo  Milano/Italia National Museum of scince and technology      Leonardo Da Vinci

-   Mentioned in the "ART INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY MAGAZIN" 2/2022 directed by Salvatore Russo and "International Prize CARAVAGGIO Great Masterof Art" Curated by Francesco Saverio Russo and Salvatore Russo

-   2021-2022 12 Rossocinabro Gallery Rome (Two paintings for 12 months)

-   2022 SAMARA SPACE WEEK Samara Literary and Memorial Museum Samara

-   2022 Exhibition G_Galery_Samara and  Yachtclub Samara/Russia 

Curator: Ekaterina Samitina and Olga Beketova

-   2022 VISIONARY -Galleria della Biblioteca Angelica -Roma. Curator: Dr. Monica Ferrarini 

-   2022 LEONARDO DA VINCI The Universal Artist 4. International Prize Florence Borghese Palace and mentioned in the Art International Contemporary Magazine from Salvatore Russo and mentioned in the "ART INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY MAGAZIN" 1/2022 directed by Salvatore Russo

-   2022 International Art Exhibition "Over the realms dreams" Edition XII and XIII at Museo Luigi Bellini Firenze/Italia Curator Rosi Raneri

-   2021 international art exhibition"Daydreaming"Ess&rrE Gallery Lido di Ostia Roma/Italy and mentioned in the magazine of contemporary art "Art&trA

-   2020/2021/2022 International art exhibition  "Over the realms dreams" Edition VI, VIII , IX , X, XI, XII, XIII and XIV at Museo Luigi Bellini Firenze Curator: Rosi Raneri 

-   2021 international art exhibition "Something Beautiful"  a la Pigna Gallary -Palazzo Maffei  Marescotti - Roma Curator Monica Ferrarini

-   2014 "See.me takeover" New York City Times Square  (USA)

-   2013/2014/2015 SCOPE ART Miami (USA)

-   2013/2014 "See me" New York (USA) Long Island

-   2013/2014/2015 Schleswig Holstein (Germany)  "Wentorfer Kulturwoche"

-   2012 Hamburg/Germany Event Center KKK Eppendorf "Magic of elements"

-   2011Hamburg /Germany  Event Center Kegelhof Kommunikationsküche  "Waves of colors"

Born 1961 as a summer child in Neubrandenburg / Mecklenburg / Germany.

Since early childhood HSP (high sensitivity) and RA (rheumatoid arthritis since the age of 1 ) , and also occupation with art.

After school, apprenticeship, degree, degree in economics and work, I completed a distance learning for a while at a Swiss KUNSTschule (discontinued due to worsening of the RA.) 

Hamburg was the center of my life for 2 decades. Now I live again in Neubrandenburg, my homeland.

In the meantime I practice, KIRSTEN KOHRT, Reiki according to Usui, have the master / teacher degree, I practice energy transfer and harmonization with humans and animals, plants, rooms ...

Aura and chakra harmonization. My art is also provided with the special vibration. Colors are energy, each one has its frequency. I convert energy into colors ...

I create my ART intuitively, spontaneously, very freely, from the inside out, often in an abstract ART. My paintings radiate a very positive energy and many owners of an painting of mine were amazed to find that and how a picture of me has influenced their life in the most healing way.

For me, ART and REIKI are inseparable. I paint power and energy pictures, soul landscapes, pocket calendars, notebooks. Book design occupies an increasingly important place in my work. My ART is often abstract, decorative and swinging high. In doing so, I do not follow fashion influences, but paint my ART specifically, KIRSTEN KOHRT ART. Kirsten Kohrt's ART is ART of both material and energetic value.

The techniques and materials in my ART are varied, because I like to experiment. When painting, the creative process takes on a strong dynamic of its own, so that at the beginning I don't know what the finished painting will ultimately look like.

I paint and draw on canvas, wood, paper, cardboard, handmade paper, I love structures and create them with sand, natural materials, natural pigments, my hands, work with stamps (I like to make my own), lace, jute, paint in watercolor (I like also on canvas), acrylic, pastel, gouache, tempera, oil, pencils, pen and often in mixed techniques, paint, spatula, rub, emery, shape with structure pastes, scratch, write, use a wide variety of materials. The inspiration flows. I love free painting and thank everyone who, very often repeatedly, put their trust in me by simply "letting me do it".

A recurring symbol in KIRSTEN KOHRT ART is the spiral as a symbol of growth and decay, of cosmic laws and the lotus as a symbol of purity. But dragonflies also appear every now and then.

ART to look at and feel in the "Kikoversum" or KiKo color cosmos, both apply. Painted energy, because colors are energy and work.

Thanks for your visit. Take your time to take a look at the following pages.

Stay with me as I do with you.

May all beings be happy.

Your Kirsten Kohrt

from the four-gate city of Neubrandenburg

Magic of the elements /Kirsten Kohrt Art / 2022 Centro Artistico Culturale IlLeone Roma

GalleriaIlLeone Roma/Italie Kuratorin Monica ferrarini

Carrousel du Louvre Art fair and and International Prize Paris 2022

Kirsten Kohrt Art Carrousel du Louvre Paris 2022

International Prize Paris 2022

Kirsten Kohrt International Prize Paris 2022

Carrousel du Louvre Paris

Art Shopping Paris 21./22./23.10.2022 Paris

KIrsten Kohrt Art / Art International Contemporary Magazine 4/2022

InternationalPrize Paris 2022

Barcelona Art Bienale im November 2022

Kirsten Kohrt Art in Barcelona

Capsule Art Collection Monica Ferrarini

Kirsten Kohrt im Buch mit 5 weiteren Künstlern mit je 10 Kunstwerken

International Prize CAEAVAGGIO Great Master of Art

International Prize CARAVAGGIO an Kirsten Kohrt

#leonardodavinciaward #kirstenkohrtart

LEONARDO DA VINCI International Award

Dott.Salvatore Russo Florence 2/2022 Borghese Palace

LEONARDO DA VINCI International Award Palace Borghese Kirsten Kohrt

Danke, Dott. Salvatore Russo. Grazie mille. Grazie Italia!

Galleria Il Leone Dislivello Roma Kirsten Kohrt

Kirsten Kohrt Art ist mit 2 Kunstwerken vertreten

Kirsten Kohrt Art 2022 Bellini Museum Florenz/Italien

Over the realms dreams Edition XIV

Gangemi Verlag Rom/Italien Capsule Art Collection Monica Ferrarini

Buchpräsentation Capsule Art Collection von Monica Ferrarini

Capsule Art Collection

Kirsten Kohrt Art/Rom

Rossocinabro Galerie Rom/Italien

Kirsten Kohrt "Wet" and "Solarstorm"

G_Galery_Samara /Russia

Kirsten Kohrt Art

2022 Exhibition "Swallow" Samara/Russia

Kirsten Kohrt Art "The drop"

Kirsten Kohrt Art 2022 Samara Space Week

Certificate of participation , Universalpeacefederation


Meine Luna (Mondschaukel) und mein Birdie nehmen an der Samara Space Week in Samara/RU teil.

Contemporary art

VISIONARY Biblioteca Angelica

Dr. Monica Ferrarini neben meinen Gemälden WET und SOLARSTORM

Artists of Today and Tomorrow Monica Ferrarini

Kirsten Kohrt Art "Butterfly Effect"

Artisti di Oggi e di Domani 2 Monica Ferrarini

Kirsten Kohrt Art

Künstler heute und morgen/Monica Ferrarini

Buch von Dr. Monica Ferrarini

Artists of Today and Tomorrow 2 Monica Ferrarini

Gescannt und automatisch übersetzt

Kirsten Kohrt Art- gesehen durch die Augen von Kunstkritikerin Dr. Monica Ferrarini

Grazie, Dr. Monica Ferrarini.


Titelbild: Kirsten Kohrt Art

And the day came when the risk of remaining in the bud became more painful than the risk of blooming. ”Anaïs Nin

07​/24/2014 - Seemetakeover - Kirsten Kohrt in NYC - KIKO-Farbkosmos - Art from Kirsten Kohrt - Energy- Times Square - The 46th St. and Broadway in the heart of NYC07/24/2014 - 07/26/2014 NYC Times Square- kirsten kohrt art 

“And the day came when the risk of remaining in the bud became more painful than the risk of blooming.” Anaïs Nin

"Anything is possible in art and in life if it is based on love." Marc Chagall

When we discover what a fantastic effort it takes us

to create the frustration and unfulfilledness,

that we experience in our life

we could easily throw ourselves up laughing. "

(Ngak'Chang Rinpoche)

"... and I would like to ask you as best I can,


to have against everything unresolved in your heart and to try to love the questions yourself like locked rooms and like books in a strange place

Language are written.

Do not now search for the answers which cannot be given to you because you could not live them.

And it's about living everything.

Now live the questions.

Perhaps one day you will gradually, without realizing it, live into the answer. "

(Rainer Maria Rilke

from: letters to a young poet)

Schau ins Licht 70x50cm Canvasart

Kirsten Kohrt art Neubrandenburg/Deutschland

Lunas dream

Kirsten Kohrt Art

Kirsten Kohrt Art/Gouache

Krieger des Lichts/Schützer

Kirsten Kohrt Art 2022

kirstenkohrtart contemporaryart seelenbild

GANZHEIT Kirsten Kohrt Art

100x80cm canvas

Kirsten Kohrt Art


Notizbuch Kirsten Kohrt

Original handgemaltes Notizbüchlein Kirsten Kohrt Art

Klemmmappe Kirsten Kohrt Art


Klemmmappe Kirsten Kohrt Art

Kirsten Kohrt Art